Taking it from the top

The Story So Far

How it started

In the beginning ...

The idea of planting a vineyard came from my final year dissertation at university back in 2005.

Its aims were to examine the viability of planting a vineyard on an English Farm. As part of this I visited many of the vineyards in the UK (there weren’t many at this time) and it became clear that the style of wine which had the most potential was sparkling.

Dreams become reality

Partnerships & Planting

In 2006 we became partners with the award winning Ridgeview Wine Estate and the vines were ordered shortly thereafter. Things were now in motion.

I went to New Zealand to do a Vintage and increase my knowledge of viticulture.

By 2007 the vines were ready to planted, we started by planting 46,000 vines over 28 acres and then 2008 saw a further 38,000 vines planted over 22 acres. The most recent planting in 2015 saw an extra 15 acres of vines being planted to increase our total vineyard area to 65 acres.

After planting 100,000 vines, putting in 100,000 support rods, hitting in over 15,000 line posts and over 800 end posts the vineyard was complete. We cared for the vines for 2 and a half years and in 2009 we were rewarded with our first small crop of grapes.

Since then we have been honing our knowledge of the land, the micro climate and ourselves to produce the very best grapes to ultimately make some truly outstanding wines.

Doing things right

The environment

Looking after the environment has always been a key part of Tinwood Estate’s role and in 2010 we entered the Entry Level Stewardship scheme.

As custodians of the land every decision we make is because we are conscious about what affect it has on the environment we live in.

We have planted wild flower meadows, new hedgerows and now special wild flowers amongst the vines to promote biodiversity on the farm. Our ethos is about working with nature rather than working against it.

I hope you enjoy drinking our wine as much we enjoyed making it.

Art Tukker


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