A commitment to nature

The Environment

A proud tradition

Custodians of the countryside

As natural custodians of the countryside we are we are conscious of the effect everything we do on the environment.

Around fields we leave a minimum 2 meter boundary although in many cases the boundary is much larger, to promote wildlife and biodiversity. We also upkeep many miles of ditches and hedgerow to ensure they don’t become overgrown and are a good place for many wild birds and other species to live.

More about the farm

Proudly Bee-friendly

Sowing the seeds of change

In 2011 we sowed many acres of wild flowers. Not only are these visually spectacular but they are the correct species to help our ailing bee population.

Bees are of vital importance to the environment and we aim to help them thrive on our farm – in return for a little honey of course!

Paying our dues

Natural England Stewardship

In 2010 we became part of the Entry Level Stewardship scheme which is recognised scheme for farmers to help the environment.

This includes installing and up keeping bird boxes, general maintanence of derelict barns for barn owls and leaving larger field margins all for the promotion of bio-diversity.

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