Goodness that melts in the mouth

Wine & Chocolate Tastings

Wine & Chocolate Tastings

Come to our special midsummer wine & chocolate tastings, and enjoy some of the finer things life has to offer, made complete by the stunning views of our vines in full blossom.

An unbeatable combination

Tinwood & Le Salon Du Chocolat

Tinwood’s Sparkling Wine & Chocolate Tasting

You’ll be able to enjoy our range of sparkling wines paired with some truly astonishing locally-produced artisan chocolates. It’s a hugely¬†fun day out to share with your friends and family.

After welcoming you to the Tasting Room, we give the floor over to experienced Chichester based chocolatier Dawn from Le Salon Du Chocolat.

Dawn will be on hand to share how she creates her lovely chocolates by hand using the highest quality ingredients. And of course, you’ll get to see just how well they complement our range of wines for yourselves!

The tour & tastings take about 2.5 hours and start at 6 pm, though you are always welcome to stay longer and enjoy more wine! The tasting includes 3 glasses of our Sparkling wines with matching chocolates.

£ 30 per person

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