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Exploring the 2023 Vintage of Tinwood Estate’s Wines

Wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs around the world eagerly await the arrival of a new vintage each year. Each wine’s vintage promises to be a unique expression of nature’s artistry. With such a successful harvest at Tinwood this autumn, the year 2023 is guaranteed to produce an exceptional vintage. Let’s take a closer look atthe conditions which have shaped this year’s vintage. 

Understanding the Vintage

Tinwood Estate only produces vintage wine meaning that our 2023 wines will be made entirely from grapes harvested this year. The character and quality of a wine vintage are heavily influenced by the weather and environmental conditions experienced by vineyards during the growing season. In 2023, winemakers across the UK faced an array of climatic patterns. This played a pivotal role in shaping the resulting wines. However, the timing of these conditions was idyllic for our vines and grapes. We had a warm start to the summer before experiencing a rainy August. Summer was followed by a dry September and October. 

A Tale of Terroir

One of the most fascinating aspects of the 2023 wine is the concept of terroir. Terroir refers to the unique combination of soil, climate, and geographical location that gives wines a distinct sense of place. Sussex’s terroir is defined by our microclimate, as the rolling South Downs trap our sunlight. The south-facing slopes and chalky soil of the estate create the ideal conditions for growing grapes for sparkling wine. It is the same chalky soil as that in Champagne, except Sussex has its own Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) meaning our wines can be labelled ‘Sussex’ or ‘Sussex Sparkling.’  The 2023 vintage reflects the estate’s continued commitment to expressing the essence of its terroir.

Stunning Sparkles which Age Gracefully

One of the remarkable qualities of Tinwood Estate’s sparkling wines is their longevity. The 2023 vintage is no exception, as these wines possess the structure and acidity necessary for aging gracefully. Storing a few bottles from this vintage in your cellar is not just an investment in quality, but also an opportunity to enjoy the evolution of these remarkable wines over time.

The wines of the 2023 vintage hold great promise for collectors. If you’re a wine enthusiast, now might be the time to secure some bottles from 2023 for your cellar, as they are likely to appreciate in value and complexity over time.

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