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Our Christmas Dinner Series Event

We like to think that Tinwood Estate champions sophistication and culinary excellence while remaining accessible to all. With a desire to create unforgettable experiences, Tinwood Estate hosts seasonal Dinner Events that elevate the art of dining to new settings. We merge seasonal cuisine, fine wines, and a charming ambience. As we get closer to our second weekend of the Christmas Dinner Series, we thought we would unpack the evening.

Be welcomed into our warm and stylish Tasting Room with a glass of Tinwood wine on arrival.

Immediately feel the warmth via gentle Christmas music and fairy lights. Lurking in the dark, somewhere behind our luxury lodges and outdoor Christmas reindeer, are our sprawling vines. Tinwood is a truly unique location for such an exclusive dinner. We offer a taste of luxury amid the natural beauty of the estate.

Each dish for our dinner events is carefully curated by a team of talented chefs, led by Head Chef Santo. They spend weeks crafting and honing a skilful blend of local, seasonal ingredients. Created is a menu that is a true celebration of flavours and will remain memorable.

For our Christmas Dinner Series, be presented with Basil & Watercress Pesto, Grana Padano and Pine Nuts on a Focaccia. This is served beside a creamy and smooth Cauliflower Soup spiked with Black Olive Tapenade to tantalize the taste buds. Following this, Head Chef Santo has perfected a delicate Wild Seabass Gravlax with a refreshingly sweet Fennel Pollen paired with Salt Baked Celeriac.

Then, be intrigued by a Mulled Wine Granita to refresh the palate. Frozen mulled wine is a taste experience you do not know you need. As you tuck in, you will be told the story of each course, and the wine will continue to flow.

The main meal of the night is a delightfully moist Ballotine of Bronze Turkey. Generously stuffed with chesnut boudin blanc stuffing, it is full of rich flavour.

This is carefully wrapped in crisp pancetta. Beside the meat rests a perfectly crips fondant potato with creamed savoy cabbage, and brussel sprouts oozing with a wintery flavour via the hazelnut buerre noisette and roasting juices. A slight spread of cranberries adds just the right amount of sweetness to your plate.

As a vineyard, we inevitably love to pair a good meal with an excellent wine. Each dish has a carefully selected bottle of wine to drink as you dine.

While you can enjoy Tinwood’s Sussex Sparkling, estate owner Art also likes to welcome some of his favourite still wines from around the world. This Christmas, we are drinking Painted Wolf Viognier from Swartland region in South Africa and Tohu Chardonnay from Marlborough in New Zealand. The main is paired with a rich red Fayolle Crozed Hermitage from Rhone, France.

Finally, the evening ends with a glass of Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port from the Douro region of Portugal. Alongside this is a Pear & Grape Strudel in Fuelles de Brick pastry and a homemade roasted pistachio ice cream parfait. A combination of sweetness and saltiness from the pistachios leaves you craving more.

One of the defining features of Tinwood Estate’s Dinner Series is its intimate atmosphere. Limited seating ensures that each guest receives personalized attention, allowing for meaningful interactions with the chef and fellow diners. We do still have limited availability for our upcoming Christmas Dinner Series dates – Thursday 14th December, Friday 15th December and Saturday 16th December. The exclusivity of our dinners creates a sense of community and shared celebration of food, wine and friendship.

For those seeking an unforgettable evening of gastronomic delights in a breathtaking setting, Tinwood Estate’s Dinner Series is a must-attend affair that promises to leave a lasting impression.


“Lovely place, great wine and very nice owner and staff.”

“Absolutely love this place. Best sparkling wine. Art, Jody and the team are amazing. Tinwood has so much to offer.”

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