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Introducing our 2020 Brut

Elevating Elegance in Every Sip

As a new year approached and we said hello to 2024, we also welcomed a new vintage to the estate. The Tinwood Brut 2020 was opened for the first time, entering the world of English Sparkling Wine. Crafted with a delicate touch of perfection, this exceptional creation is a tribute to the artistry and unwavering commitment that define the essence of Tinwood Estate.

Tinwood Brut 2020

Derived from the French term “Brut,” meaning “dry,” the Brut is what we also refer to as our ‘Tinwood Blend’ or ‘House Blend’ because it is blended with the same percentage of grapes as what is outside in our vineyard. Made from 50% Chardonnay grape, 30% Pinot Noir grape, and 20% Pinot Meunier grape, it is more like your traditional Champagne blend.

The Winemaking Process

The journey of crafting Tinwood’s Brut 2020 commences within the meticulously nurtured vineyards of Tinwood Estate. Here, our grapes bask in the Sussex sun and flourish within the chalky soils reminiscent of Champagne terroirs. Carefully handpicked at their zenith, these grapes embark on a transformative journey that blends traditional techniques with innovative approaches.

Owner Art explaining the wine making process

Guided by the adept hands of Ridgeview‘s skilled winemakers, the grapes undergo a gentle pressing to extract only the purest juice. This grape juice undergoes two fermentations, allowing its distinct character to evolve and flourish. The outcome is a sparkling wine that exudes the distinct terroir of Tinwood Estate. The overall wine-making process takes over two years.

Tasting Notes

Opening a bottle of Tinwood’s Brut 2020 creates the most beautiful pop from the cork. The wine pours into the glass, revealing a slightly golden hue, with bubbles slightly more vigorous than that in the Blanc de Blancs.

Brut 2020

On the palate, delicate bubbles carry a sweet flavour, with a savoury aftertaste. Full of body and depth, our Brut is smooth on the palate with notes of biscuit, brioche, or honey. It is a warming glass of wine, perfect for colder months.

Pairing Possibilities

Tinwood’s Brut 2020 transcends being just a wine; it becomes a partner in every meal or festivity. It is the ideal celebration drink to enjoy with loved ones and friends.

Enrich your tasting experience by pairing it with a hearty roast chicken, pork, or turkey. The body of the wine is immaculate with a wholesome meal, while the mellow touch of sweetness is idyllic with white meat. Pop into the Vineyard Kitchen at Tinwood Estate and select your favourite dish that pairs perfectly with Tinwood Brut 2020 from the cool and warm counters. We recommend our delicious sausage roll with date-dipping sauce, or cured meats with a freshly baked baguette.

Brut 2020


Our English sparkling wine Brut, made from 50% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot-Noir and 20% Pinot-Meunier grape. Pale gold in colour with a lovely mousse and a fine stream of bubbles. Aromas of citrus melon fruits with hints of toast and honey. Fresh fruit flavours continue on the palate with depth and refinement added by the Pinots.…

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