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Life as a Vineyard Worker at Tinwood Estate

Nestled in the rolling hills near Chichester, Tinwood Estate stands as a beacon of English vineyard excellence. Beyond the breathtaking landscapes and world-class wines, the dedicated hands of the vineyard workers truly bring this estate to life. Learn what the vineyard team does throughout the year at Tinwood Estate.

A Day in the Life of a Vineyard Worker at Tinwood Estate

For the vineyard workers at Tinwood Estate, the day begins with the first rays of sunlight. As the sun paints the sky with hues of gold, workers gather to prepare for a busy day ahead. During the crisp morning air, the vineyard awakens to the soft footsteps of those who tend to its vines.

Nurturing the Vines

The heart of a vineyard worker’s day lies among the rows of grapevines. With hands gloved and tools in hand, they gently prune, train, and tend to the vines. Each gesture is deliberate, and each decision is influenced by a deep understanding of the needs of the plants and the nuances of the terrain. Rain or shine, they move among the vines, nurturing them as if they were their own.

Helder, a vineyard worker is photographed picking grapes between the vines
Helder, a much-valued member of the Vineyard Team

Seasons of Change

As the seasons shift, so does the work of a vineyard worker. Spring brings the delicate dance of budburst, when tiny shoots emerge from dormant branches. The summer’s warmth calls for vigilance against pests and meticulous canopy management. Autumn arrives with the promise of harvest when the fruits of labour are gathered and the vineyard buzzes with activity.

Autumn is the time of Harvest

Autumn’s harvest is a moment of celebration and hard work intertwined. It’s the culmination of a year’s labour, a time when vineyard workers handpick each grape with care and precision. The rhythm of the harvest is marked by laughter, camaraderie, and the satisfaction of knowing that each grape carries the essence of the land and the seasons.

The People of Tinwood

While the vines are the heart of Tinwood Estate, its soul lies within the people who make it thrive. Vineyard workers at Tinwood are not just labourers; they are artisans, stewards of the land, and storytellers.

We are lucky to have a team of 10 who work all year round at the estate. Oliver White, the vineyard manager, has been at the estate since it was an iceberg lettuce farm. He has experienced the change from previous owner Aad Tukker to his son, Art Tukker as a vineyard. He supervises a family of Portuguese workers who help care for each and every one of our 200,000 vines. We are very lucky and proud of our team, who have been here for many years. From shared meals to laughter-filled breaks, the vineyard workers forge bonds that extend beyond the vines.

Vineyard worker in the tractor between vines

Cultivating Magic

As the sun sets on the rolling hills of Tinwood Estate, the vineyard workers find solace in knowing that they’ve contributed to something greater than themselves. Their hands have nurtured, their hearts have cared, and their connection with the land has created a legacy of exceptional wines. Each bottle that carries the Tinwood label tells a story—a story of dedication, craftsmanship, and the art of bringing nature’s beauty to life, one grape at a time.

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