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Meet the Tasting Room Team

Art Tukker                         Owner of Tinwood Estate

Art Tukker is a second-generation Farmer who took over the Estate in 2006. Art studied farming and agriculture at university before spending a year in Marlborough with Mike Allen, the owner of Huia vineyards. He took a real love to the viticulture and growing side of the vines and decided to change the Estate from a lettuce farm to a vineyard.

Jody Tukker                     Owner of Tinwood Estate

Originally from the Netherlands, Jody and Art have been married for over 5 years, having their son Jake together in 2020 and expecting another one in 2023. Jody was many of the brains and changes that happened to the Tasting Room, whilst originally Art focused mainly on the viticulture and growing side.

Vlada Sotnikova                Tasting Room Manager

Managing the tasting room, Vlada has been at Tinwood Estate for over 4 years. Her role includes running the daily tours, organising the rota and ensuring training is completed. Vlada has had years of experience working in hospitality so is a real asset at Tinwood Estate.

Charlie Cockaday             Trade Manager

Charlie, the trade manager, is often seen on the phone dealing with local pubs and restaurants to organise stock. Although Charlie is not seen regularly on the Estate, if you are lucky enough you may get a tour with him, getting some insightful knowledge due to his experience as a head sommelier.

Marisja van Nieuwkerk  Marketing Manager

Keeping it very much a family business, Marisja is the niece of Art and Jody. Having trod on the first set of grapes with her cousins in 2007 to create the first wine, then working on the farm itself, through to working in the tasting room as a marketing manager, she has experienced all aspects of the company.

Lisa Gough                        Office Manager

Lisa has been with the company for the longest of all. Having worked for the first-generation farmer, Aad Tukker, when it was still a lettuce farm, to now working for the second-generation farmer. She is a much-valued member of staff, especially having seen Art grow up, due to her 30 years working at the Estate.

Jade Reynolds                  Tasting Room Assistant and Yoga Instructor

Having experience as a rep and tour host for over 10 years, Jade runs many tours throughout the week. Not only this, but she also heads up Yoga in the Vines, being a qualified yoga teacher. If you can, we would really recommend attending one of the yoga sessions, as they are so enjoyable.

Molly Wilby                     Tasting Room Assistant

Molly is the muscle of the company, being a gymnast teacher part-time. She is often found running around picking up plates and glasses or stocking up the wine fridge. Molly is the biggest Tinwood ambassador, often seen with a full glass in hand at home.

Eloisa Fairbrass                Tasting Room Assistant

Being the youngest at the Estate, Eloisa is a part-time employee, whilst she finishes her university course at Chichester, doing Business Management. She is a bubbly young girl who helps set up and run the tours smoothly. She also helps Clare clean the lodges when needed.

Clare Miles                   Tasting Room and Lodge Cleaner

The lady who has the constant job of cleaning the tasting room due to our two furry friends, and our lovely lodges. She has high standards to ensure that the Estate is constantly looking fresh and clean, and she is also a creative lady. She makes some of the candles sold in the shop.

The Tinwood Tasting Room Team
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