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Discovering Tinwood Estate in the Autumn

As the vibrant hues of summer yield to the rich tapestry of autumn, Tinwood Estate transforms into a realm of enchantment that captivates the senses. The gentle rustling of leaves, the crispness in the air, and the warm palette of colours envelop the estate in a blanket of seasonal wonder.

The Arrival of Autumn

Harvest has now come to an end, and Tinwood Estate awakens to a new chapter in its story. The lush vineyards that once bore the vibrant green of summer are slowly welcoming a medley of reds, oranges, and yellows. It is truly a breathtaking visual spectacle that celebrates the magic of autumn.

The Harvest

Autumn marks the culmination of the year’s efforts as the vineyard comes alive with the grape harvest. Skilled hands have picked the ripe clusters that will be transformed into the wines that Tinwood Estate is renowned for. This harvest was our best year to date, with over 300 tonnes of grapes carefully selected from our vines. The air is infused with the sweet aroma, a testament to the dedication that goes into each bottle. Now it is time to sit back and enjoy a glass or two.

Harvest 2023

A Toast to Flavors: Wine Tasting in the Crisp Air

The fall season invites you to savour the wines of Tinwood Estate in a whole new light. Take a seat on our outdoor terrace where we can provide you with blankets to cosy under. Be surrounded by the captivating colours of the vineyard, and raise a glass of your favourite varietal. As you take your first sip, the cool breeze carries the essence of autumn. It is a memory that lingers.

Vineyard Strolls: Immersed in Tranquillity

Autumn at Tinwood Estate is an invitation to explore the estate’s beauty at your own pace. Take a leisurely stroll through the vineyard rows, where fallen leaves create a vibrant carpet beneath your feet. Listen to the leaves rustle, breathe in the crisp air, and feel a sense of serenity as you connect with nature’s rhythm.

Fall Feasts: Culinary Delights for the Season

Tinwood Estate celebrates autumn’s bounty with culinary creations that capture the essence of the season. From hearty soups infused with local produce to delectable dishes that pair perfectly with our wines, each bite is a celebration of the flavours that define this time of year. If you have not yet booked a Sunday Roast Lunch – a masterpiece of the finest seasonal produce – you can book here.

Enjoy a Sunday Roast at Tinwood Estate

A Symphony of Autumn’s Beauty

Autumn at Tinwood Estate is more than a season; it’s a symphony of seasons, flavours, and moments that unfold against the backdrop of nature’s canvas. As you raise a glass of Tinwood’s wines, remember that each sip is a tribute to the land’s transformation, the harvest’s bounty, and the beauty that resides within the heart of Tinwood Estate. You can also join us in celebrating this enchanting time of year by becoming a member of our Wine Club. Receive exclusive discounts, priority booking for all Tinwood events and more perks as a member of our Wine Club family.